Ever saw that cool blurry stylish effect in a movie or a photo?
You know it was done with some kind of lens but you haven't the gears or the skills to do it?
Well... Let's do it with Diopter then!

Diopter is an ADOBE After Effects plugin which plays with blurs, optical effects, light… And that’s cool!

Choose your lens

Pick a shape, place it, transform it, feather it. Import or even create one!

Blur it up

Choose among several types of blur or optical effects. Try a fast blur with a pinch of realistic one. Add a bit of optical distortion. Well, be creative!

BAM! Presets!

Find the perfect mix among the many in-built presets or even better… Make your own!

Only for After Effects

Diopter is a plugin which adds optical effects (blur, distortion, coloration) on a layer. Choose a lens shape (a mask) among the in-built shapes or use another layer as Luma Matte. This lens may be transformed.

Apply different effects to the lens: fast blur, realistic blur, directional blur, trail, optical distortion, brightness, color, chromatic aberration.

The overall intensity of the effect can be controlled, it’s also possible to apply a blend mode : Screen, Add, Multiply.

8 bpc color depth only (for now…).

  • After Effects CS6 & up
  • Mac 10.7 & up
  • Windows 7 SP1 & up
  • The Plugin (duh!)
  • 30 HD presets
  • Presets Gallery
  • 17 Video footages
  • 19 Still footages
  • User Guide
Be sure to check the User Guide before contacting me.
Especially the Troubleshoot Section.
For best support, please precise your computer specs, OS, version of AE and take screenshots!




Footage Gallery

Footage Gallery

Send me your creations!

Send me your creations!

I will gladly post them 🙂



By Calmatic - Ryan DeCarlo



By Lightning Tree X Vector Burn - Oliver Scott

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for AE CS6 & up I MAC & PC
               It all started with some shots seen in TV shows like True Detective (opening credits) or Vikings (dream sequence). Then it continued with photographies and films of Bruno Aveillan, whaking lens, and the purchase of Close-up lenses. These different optical effects, which both distort, transform, alter the depth of field, light and composition of the frame, icthed me. It was like finding a new playground, a new experimental field. Beyond the aesthetic characteristics, with very little, it was possible to bring a new level of meaning into the picture.
And since I come from the post production field, I thought “why not try to reproduce it digitally?”. I did some tests on After Effects and boom, Diopter was born.
In the future, I would love to improve Diopter, add new features, but this takes time, money and good skills. If you want to help, feel free to contact me : support@remimonedi.fr
To find out more : click here


‘Cause Diopter could be way cooler

Mainly for financial reasons, I couldn’t integrate all my ideas in this V1. And I had others while developing it.

Here are the easiest to the wildest.

You are interested in Diopter and you want to participate in its improvement? Feel free to contact me! Now!

I could use a hand
  • Faster Realistic Blur
  • Add a texture to the lens
  • Bokeh deformation at lens borders
  • Lens outline
  • Matte, alpha, lens only mode
  • More fusion mode
  • Feather blurs custom layer
  • New UI (Particular/Plexus-like)
  • Better Realistic Blur render
  • Full Optimization
  • Use Layer mask as custom layer
  • Super Interactive and customizable UI
  • Premiere Pro Compatibility
  • Bokeh Generator
  • Fast presets preview

VERSION 1.01 : 26/10/17 – Problem with 16 and 32 bpc workflow fixed.