Easy. Grunge. Maker.

RM Grunge is a preset for  ADOBE After Effects CC 2017 & above. Age, damage, dirty your texts and pictures! Very easy to use, you can customize the grungy look and create your own peculiar style!

With the default preset, RM Grunge comes with 6 different styles/presets, still or animated.

Keep in mind this is in NOT a plugin, just a preset file.


Compatible with AE CC 17 & up


1. Download it

2. Unzip and copy/paste the RM Grunge folder in (PC) Program Files / Adobe / After Effects XX / Support Files / Presets or (MAC) Applications / ADOBE After Effects XX / Presets

3. To see the presets in AE, click on the small menu icon next to the Effects & Presets window > Click on Refresh List.


1. Click on a layer (presets are optimized for 100% scaled elements)

2. In the Effects & Presets windows, search for RM Grunge

3. Figure how it works (I believe in you)

TROUBLESHOOT if your layer goes to the top left corner of your comp without reason, just Purge your memory. No idea why this happens…


You found your perfect grungy look and you want to save it for later? Save it as a preset!

1. Click on the small menu icon next to the Effects & Presets Windows

2. Click Save Animation Preset…