I think it’s as interesting to talk about the post-Diopter as the pre-Diopter, so here’s a short epilogue of this adventure:

On August 7th, 2017, Diopter was on sale on aescripts.com (Small pinch in the heart seeing Diopter on the 1st page of the site ^^). Diopter was at -50% until August 18, so at $ 19.99. From August 7 to 18, 327 licenses were sold for $ 4660 (30% Aescripts commission deducted).
So I paid back my $ 3,380 in expenditures in 1 week only. Wow. That was quick. I did not expect it at all.

Then the first messages of users. Many concerning the installation of Diopter and the automatic installation software of Aescripts. Many more on a Diopter bug in 16 or 32 bpc. And a few were just stupid but classic :

– I do not find how to install Diopter!

– Have you consulted the Installation section of the user manual?

– User out –

The majority of questions were answered by Lloyd Avarez himself (the creator of Aescripts) and very quickly. For the others, I took the time to answer them. In the meantime, I collected as much information as I could about  the users specs.

After August 18, the end of the discount, sales have been reduced: between August 19 and October 30, I sold 103 licenses or $ 2995. In one week of reduction I made 3 times more sales than in 2 months and some. I don’t know if it’s due to the high price of Diopter, the discount effect or novelty. Maybe a bit of all.

Sales chart for the month of October 2017 on the seller’s session on aescripts.com

I did not particularly communicate about Diopter. I just sent free copies to my entourage who talked about it on their facebooks and to some people to whom I owe a lot: Andrew Kramer of VideoCopilot, DuDuf of Duik, Mattias Peresini of Mattrunks, Nick Campbell of GreyScaleGorilla. I don’t think they talked about Diopter. However right after the release of Diopter, 2 sites immediately made a quick review of it : lesterbanks.com and theangryvideoguy.com.

Once the 16/32 bpc bug well identified, I contacted Tobias Fleischer who after 1 month responded favorably (lucky for me because I couldn’t find anyone else!) for $ 140.

To date (October 31, 2017), I sold about 320 licenses of Diopter for a profit of $ 7654 (I don’t count the French taxes). Since September there is an average of 1 sale / day.

My opinion on all this? Well, of course it’s great to get paid back so fast and even now to make a profit! But it’s also really fantastic to think that Diopter was able to interest so many people and some of the messages from users really moves me. A simple “your plugin is great man!” made my day 🙂 I ‘m thinking more and more about the plugin creation… We’ll see!

I wanted to thank again all the people who helped me, who believed in this project and all the users of Diopter.
I hope you like the plugin! Have a great day!

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  • Gary Bird says:

    It’s a brilliant plugin – so well executed and presented. The UI is very sweet and easy to use. You have been very generous with the great presets and useful extra footage, too. The only thing I found was that some presets seem to work only in 8 bpc space – when in 16 bpc they showed strange distorted artifacting. As I always work in 16 bpc, this can be a problem. Has that been reported by others? The rest of Diopter is so fantastic that it’s not a big issue! Well done on producing such a great plugin, Remi. And it’d be great to see more developed by you 🙂

    • Rémi MONEDI says:

      Wow Gary, what a comment! Thank you so much for your kind words!
      For your 16/32bpc issue, are you working with the last version of Diopter > v1.01?
      If not, download this version from AEScripts.com, this was the last fix I made.

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